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Piotr Jeleński, Asseco SEE


Piotr Jeleński has a broad experience in establishing new businesses in various countries including South-Eastern Europe and Turkey. He has been President of the Management Board of Asseco South Eastern Europe S.A. since July 2007.

Prior to his current position, between 2002 and 2009, Piotr Jeleński worked as a CFO of Softbank and following Softbank’s merger into Asseco Poland, as a CFO of Asseco Poland and Board Member. Before that, from 1996 through 2001, he worked as Deputy Director for CA IB Financial Advisers.

Piotr Jeleński is a graduate of Warsaw University, where he obtained a Master of Economics degree with a specialization in Organization and Management. He also graduated from Aston Business School in Birmingham, UK with Master of Business degree.

Igor Gržalja, Asseco SEE

Igor Gržalja is the President of the Management Board of Asseco SEE Croatia. He is a manager with more than 15 years of experience gained in different positions across the IT sector, including design and software development, project management, team leadership and organisational development as well as business development and sales.

He graduated from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, at the University of Zagreb. His career started in Logos, one of the Croatian companies acquired by the Asseco South Eastern Europe Group. He worked for a while in Hewlett-Packard and returned to Asseco as the Regional Sales and Business Development Director for Central and South Eastern Europe, the position he has held for five years. His most significant achievements include the development and set-up of an efficient sales organisation, which has won a number of major international projects, mostly in the finance industry and public administration domains.

Ivan Bušić, Payten

Ivan Bušić has been Board member of Payten since its establishment in Croatia. Previously, he held the position of BU Manager and Member of Management Board of Asseco SEE in Croatia.
Ivan has been working in the IT sector since 2004. His career started in Biro Data Servis where he was responsible for sales and business development.
Ivan graduated from the University of Zagreb, Faculty of Economics.

Piotr Widacki, BGŻ BNP Paribas


New technologies enthusiast, innovator and solutions creator, who turns visions from paper to reality. Successful manager with proven track record of effectively developing and implementing strategic, cross-functional initiatives in financial services. Rare combination of management consulting approach with extensive in-house hands-on experience.
Involved in 5 banking start-up projects: founder member of Alior Bank and Alior Sync; strategy consultant involved in Telenor, MTS and T-Mobile Banking Services.

Currently, as a Managing Director and Head of Digital Transformation in BGŻ BNP Paribas, responsible for digital transformation, including cooperation with startups ecosystem and new ways of working (Agile & Design Thinking). His main objective is to support Bank in its journey ‘from bricks to clicks’.

Specialties: online and mobile commerce, digital transformation, financial services, digital payments, business development, strategic partnerships, fintech, innovations, user experience, strategy, cross-functional leadership, team building.

Wijnand Machielse, The Berlin Group


Since 2009, Wijnand Machielse is working as European Markets Director at SRC Security Research & Consulting GmbH. He has a long-standing experience and expertise in retail banking IT-projects, in payment schemes and in clearing systems. Prior to joining SRC, he worked for almost 20 years in Dutch payment schemes and interbank processors, most recently as Advisor to the Board of Equens SE (now: equensWorldline), and represented the Dutch payments industry in the EMVCo Advisory Board from 2000 – 2009. At SRC, Wijnand Machielse supports the German market with specification and implementation of new technologies in payment systems. He represents the German banking industry in several international and European payment standardisation initiatives.

Wijnand Machielse holds a Master’s degree in Computational Linguistics from Utrecht University, 1988.

About The Berlin Group

The Berlin Group is an inter-industry forum for the development of open and common scheme- and processor-independent standards in the interbanking domain between Creditor Bank (Acquirer) and Debtor Bank (Issuer). More information can be found on

Viktor Olujić, Asseco SEE


Viktor Olujić is a Management Board member of Asseco SEE Croatia. In his 20-year-long career Viktor Olujić has held several different positions within the company. During the last seven years he has managed the Department of product and solution development for card business and payment security, whose solutions are used by the majority of banks in Croatia and the Region. His merits include the development of some of Asseco SEE’s most successful international products: he worked on the CAP specification (Chip Authentication Product) in cooperation with the MasterCard Company, and led a team which was one of the first four teams in the world to implement this cutting-edge authentication solution within the company’s own product; he managed the development of the SxS security solution, which is currently Asseco SEE Group’s best-selling international product, used by more than 100 banks and banking groups throughout the world for the protection of the security of their own users during online payments; he managed the VASuite PKI solution design and led the development team which integrated this solution with all banks in Croatia; last year he and his team developed the innovative HCE solution for mobile contactless payments.

Robert Mihaljek, Asseco SEE


Robert Mihaljek holds the Group position of International Sales Manager at Asseco SEE. Responsible for presales, sales and after sales processes of digital banking solutions on international markets and partner network cooperation. He has more than 7 years of hands on experience in digital transformation projects in banking, including omnichannel, security and virtual branch onboarding solutions.

Ivan Glazer, Asseco SEE


Ivan Glazer is a project manager with strong background in agile gained through various roles in career – quality assurance, business analysis and now project management. With more than five years of experience in mobile applications industry, he is currently managing a large international mobile banking project for one of the biggest banking groupations in Europe.

Aleksandar Milošević, Asseco SEE


In his role of Chief Software Architect Aleksandar focuses on the architecture of Asseco’s banking software and standardization efforts within the industry where he represents Asseco at different organizations and initiatives. As Asseco representative at BIAN, Aleksandar serves as a member of the architecture committee. At NISP Aleksandar represents Asseco as a member of the steering committee. During the market comments phase, Aleksandar contributed to Berlin Group NextGenPSD2 API specification and was invited to the advisory board of the Berlin Group. With overall responsibility for Asseco’s PSD2 solution, Aleksandar helps banks navigate complexities of PSD2 Directive, EBA RTS, OAuth2 & OIDC protocols, NextGenPSD2 and other API specifications. Being active in the banking software industry since 1999, Aleksandar designed hundreds of open banking APIs, developed award-winning e-banking, e-payment, PKI systems and worked closely in projects with more than 50 banks.

Goran Božić, Payten


Goran Božić’s career path is marked with outstanding performance in several IT companies and experience gained in different technical/logistics roles and sales. He is a member of the Payten d.o.o. sales team, work ing as an Account Manager and SEE Region Partner Manager with banking sector clients. He is responsible for account management and partner network development in the area of Payment Solutions for ATMs, POS terminals, e-commerce and other solutions relating to card payments and the entire company portfolio. With more than fifteen years of experience gained in the IT sector and comprehensive knowledge of sales management and sales processes, he is a regular participant in professional conferences in the industry.

Luka Mićanović, Asseco SEE


Luka is a multi-lingual Master of Laws Degree holder combined with experience in a wide range of legal practice, business and project management. Dedicated and hard working problem solver with great communication and language skills. Quick under study, detail-oriented and good under pressure.

Domagoj Vuletić, Payten


Domagoj’s career within Asseco SEE began in 2011 with Sales Payment Solutions with an emphasis on ATM and POS solutions. He has been working for the last 3 years as Sales Manager for Croatia and several other members of the Asseco SEE Group for the area of Payment Solutions. He has gained experience through various projects focusing on Group Projects and business development of new models, services and solutions within the company.

Željka Janda-Hegediš, Asseco SEE


Željka loves changes, innovations and everything that can be speed up in any way and facilitate long and outdated processes. Her career began as a Product Marketing Manager where her main focus was positioning a certain product on the market. Because of his technical experience with the faculty days and the ability to always see a wider image for solutions, she contributes to the position of Product Manager, where she participates in the strategic creation of products that meet the needs of users.

Martina Bagarić, Asseco SEE


Martina Bagarić holds the Group position of Global Account Manager at Asseco SEE and Payten. She is responsible for business development and sales processes in both companies with fous on Banking software as well as Payment soutions in ATM in POS business vertical. She’s been part of Asseco SEE for the past seven years, and during that period she participated numerous successful digital banking transformation projects in the region.

Krešimir Šuljak, Asseco SEE


Enthusiastic customer service professional with 10+ years of experience working as a liaison between consumers and corporations. Skilled communicator and listener with a knack for remedying conflict, and keen organizational skills which allow for effective delivery of outstanding service. Maintain the highest level of integrity; dedicated to providing reliable and friendly service without ever compromising the reputation or competencies of the organization.

Luka Šlibar, Microblink

Luka is a Product Manager at Microblink. He has been working on banking projects across EMEA for two years with a recent focus on new product delivery. As the industry moves to a more open banking and more services on the go, Luka drives the development of mobile and web-based products that solve specific pain points of digital channels UX and add security without additional risk.

Nevena Erak, Erato


Nevena Erak Camaj is one of the cofounders and Lead Language Expert at Erato – intelligent software, which has developed EratoExpert, a technology for the natural understanding of Croatian language, and a chatbot platform ( where users can create chatbots to improve their businesses and the quality of their customer services. Nevena is a PhD candidate in linguistics and has an MA in English and Croatian language and literature.

Mark Rant, Invoice Exchange


Marko Rant is the Co-founder & CEO of Invoice Exchange. The Invoice Exchange is Slovenia’s first peer-to-peer finance platform for business. Marko is passionate about developing new ideas and helping other passionate people succeed. He has BSc in Economics from University in Ljubljana and MSc in Real Estate Investment & Finance from Henley Business School.

Marko Budiselić, Memgraph


Marko Budiselic, the CTO and co-founder of Memgraph, is an expert in graph databases, having developed a database technology powering a cutting edge recommendation system at a multinational media company.

Ofer Friedman, AU10TIX


Ofer is VP Marketing of AU10TIX, forerunners of 2nd generation ID authentication and onboarding technology. Strong track record in building brands and businesses in international B2C and B2B markets. Hi clients’ best friend and his company’s best competitiveness driver. Performance driven, hands-on involvement in the entire value chain from product development to demand generation and client acquisition. Professional roots in brand and business strategy at BBDO and Publicis, working with global and local major players in a range or verticals from technology to consumer markets. Authored professional book and articles and an appreciated speaker. Holds M. Sc. Management and Organizational Psychology & Behavior. Inspired by Jules Verne, Steve Jobs, B.H. Liddell-Hart and Groucho Marx.

Jacques Caers, Guardsquare


Jacques Caers has over 20 years of experience in the financial industry and has an extensive track record in business development for some of the world’s leading banking software companies.

New Banking Vision Croatia

New Banking Vision Croatia